The Vila12 is a dual 12" four-way, seven-unit quad coaxial mid-treble horn line array system, used worldwide

Strictly screening units and supporting components, equipped with ideal linear acoustic wavefront treble horn,

Achieving accurate and uniform acoustic coverage. The new dual 12-inch lift is specially used for low and medium frequency systems

Sound. The surface adopts polyurea spraying process, which is stronger and wear-resistant, and has all-weather protection. configuration

Three point balance type hanger parts, at the same time in the speaker side and the back of a total of four mechanical optimization type pump hand

, so that the handling and rapid construction work is very simple and convenient; Designed for large fixed installations and large flows

Sound amplifiers provide high definition solutions.

Product features

▪Medium and treble coaxial bugle

▪Compact box design to achieve perfect acoustic coupling

▪120° horizontal coverage Angle

▪Safe, reliable and convenient three-point suspension system

▪PDM series power amplifier and DLX digital audio processor fully match, FIR filter provides flat phase response

▪All-weather design for outdoor use

Acoustic properties

Type:  seven-unit four-way quad coaxial mid-treble horn line array speakers





Coverage Pattern(H×V):110º/0°-7°(1°increment)

Frequency Response(+/-5dB):47Hz - 19kHz


Max SPL (peak):141.5dB /147.5dB Peak

Impedance: HF:8 Ohm;MF:8 Ohm;LF1:8 Ohm;

LF2:8 Ohm

Power Handling:HF:240W AES /960W Peak;MF:350W AES

 /1400W Peak; LF1:800W AES /3200W Peak;

LF2:600W AES /2400W Peak

Frequency division mode:active

Dimensions(H×W×D):360X1300X630mm(14.17" x 51.18" x 24.80")

Weight:73kg (160.93lbs)


Connector:2 x Neutrik® NL4MP;Optional 2 x Amphenol EP8

Plug interface:LF1:1+,1-;LF2:2+,2-;MF:3+,3-;HF:4+,4-

Cabinet material

Box material: 15mm (0.6 ″) +18mm(0.7″)Baltic multi-layer birch plywood

Box spray: Black wear-resistant polyurea spray

Mesh cover material:Hexagon customized hole + special rectangular combination steel mesh with sound permeable AIRNET mesh cloth

Mesh spraying: Double anti-corrosion coating, galvanized and black polyester powder

Install application

Handle form: left and right two mechanical optimization handle

Lifting hardware: integrated three-point hanging system

Front suspension system:High strength steel quick link construction

Back suspension system: High strength steel quick link structure and stainless steel special bolt

Support seat: N/A

All weather / color version: optional

Optional accessories:suspension bracket VILA12-BAR-FF,floor cart with protective cover, rain shield,fitting connector