Four channel power amplifier

Innovative multi-functional power amplifier platform

Designed for roving and fixed installations, the PDM series delivers excellent audio quality and extends the concept of a power amplifier platform to include a complete speaker management system and all signal processing functions in one lightweight unit. It raises the bar for power amplifier platform design and functionality, setting a whole new standard for quality and usability.

Using the third generation of semiconductor technology SIC MOSFET

The PDM series features a bright 4.3-inch IPS display that includes fully featured audio signal processing, analog, AES3, Dante /AES67 input and output, and capacitive touch. Ethernet comes standard with full amplifier control, full DSP functionality, routing, matrix, and globally compatible power supplies.

With a LA AUDIO amplifier, you don't have to allocate power between channels, you can use all the power that the amplifier supports. This has been proven. The PLM series is able to do this by using state-of-the-art components and a power supply that has been carefully optimized to make amplifiers 7 to 10 percent more efficient than any competing product. This increase in efficiency directly converts about half of the energy that would otherwise have been obviously wasted into useful efficiency. In addition to reducing energy costs, high efficiency brings ample power reserves, thus ensuring that original sound quality is maintained even under the most extreme conditions.

Each channel can be configured to transmit its maximum power to 2, 4, or 8 ohm, nominal load, and 25V, 70V, and 100V constant voltage (CV) lines. This provides designers and integrators with unmatched flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Connected to Ethernet for remote control and monitoring, the front panel is optimized for use in a variety of restricted field environments without affecting operations, with full local control of all functions through the front panel. Control via LA Audio's intuitive Podware PC application offers many convenient and time-saving features, such as very flexible preset management, and overlapping grouping of mute, gain, delay, and EQ across the system.

The advanced 96kHz DSP is fully integrated into the product and offers a range of unique and truly useful features. For example, LIR linear intersection filters are as easy to use as conventional filter shapes and have shorter delays than FIR filters. There is also the powerful VX Limiter kit with peak, RMS and offset limits, as well as multi-band limits for passive 2-way speakers.

▪ Four-channel Class D digital power Amplifier with DSP

▪ Analog, AES3 and Dante digital audio network input

▪ Comprehensive protection and monitoring capabilities

▪ Multi-channel class D amplification technology with pure sound quality

▪ Unique high-precision 96kHz sampling rate ensures flat up to 40kHz

Frequency response characteristics

▪ Ultra High power density: 12000 W total RMS output, for all 4-channel models

2 u height

▪ Control wheel, self-lighting buttons and graphical display provide fast, intuitive and user friendly

The control interface

▪ Advanced power amplification technology and DSP algorithm ensured by application of LA Audio PodWare technology

The industry leading excellent sound quality.

▪ Innovative Component Presets that allow users to use each output channel for a specific lift

The drive channel of the sound apparatus

▪ High-speed and flexible network connection, supporting DHCP, static IP, and automatic IP access

A router or switch connects directly to a computer

▪ 12 clear global parameter Settings for grouping

▪ Unique VX limiter provides more accurate dynamic control for passive 2 crossover speakers

▪ All input and output channels are equipped with PEQ and FIR filters 

▪ The unique LIR linear phase divider provides similar performance to FIR filters, but does not

Increase the time delay of the system

▪ Linear phase system high frequency EQ control provides perfect fusion of speaker beam

▪ With transducer temperature control limiter for long-term overload

▪ Both input and output ports support analog and AES3 modes

Wide voltage switching power supply, light weight, high efficiency

▪ Built-in high performance "universal voltage" switching power supply module

▪ External circuit breaker protection (EBP) can limit the current consumed by the amplifier and prevent circuit breaker trip

▪ Developed and designed by the LA Audio development team and manufactured by Powersoft in the Italy 

▼Channel Handling

·Outputs:4 x Speakon NL4;Dante / AES67 TX(From local input or DSP)


Analog:4 x XLR female;4 x XLR male(LINK)

Digital AES :2 x XLR female(4 audio channels);2 x XLRmale(LINK)

Digital Dante/AES67:2 XLR Ethercon (4 x audio channels)


Gain: 32 dB

Input sensitivity @8 Ω : 3.22 Vrms

SNR (20 HZ-20 kHz @ 8 Ω) :110 dB (A) (typical value)

Maximum input level :24 dBu

Frequency response @ 8 Ohm Load :20 HZ-20 kHz +/- 1.0 dB

Crosstalk (1 kHz) :-75 dB (typical value)

Input impedance :20k Ωbalance

Typical values CMRR: 65 db

THD+N (from0.1 W to half power) :< 0.1% (typical < 0.05%)

SMPTE IMD (from 0.1 W to half power) < 0.1% (typical < 0.05%)

Output impedance at 100Hz :30mΩ


ADconverter:24 Bit Tandem™@ 48 kHz;125 dB-A Dynamic range -0.005%THD + N

DAconverter:24 Bit Tandem™@ 48 kHz;117 dB-A Dynamic range-0.003%THD + N

Sampling rate converter:24位@ 96 kHz;140 dB Dynamic-0.0001%THD + N

Internal accuracy :32 bit floating point

Latency: 2.5ms fixed delay architecture

Memory/Presets :50 amp snapshots, almost unlimited speaker presets

Delay :2 s (input) + 100 ms (output) for time calibration

Equalizer: high cosine filter, custom FIR, parameter IIR: peak filter, high/low shelving filter, all pass filter, band pass filter, band stop filter, high/low pass filter

Crossover: Linear Phase (FIR), Butterworth filter, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley filter: 6 dB/OCT to 48 dB/OCT (IIR)

Limiter: TruePower™, RMS voltage, RMS current, peak limiter

DampingControl:Active DampingControl™ and LiveImpedance™ measurement

 ▼Display Specs

Resolution: 480x272, 4.3 inches diagonally

Brightness: 600 nits

Control: Multitouch capacitive. Rotary encoder 20 steps/turn with pushbutton

per channel@ 8Ω (symmetrical):1800 W

per channel@ 4Ω(symmetrical):3000 W

per channel@ 2Ω(symmetrical):2500 W

per channel@ 8Ω(asymmetrical):1900 W

per channel@ 4Ω(asymmetrical):3600 W

per channel@ 2Ω(asymmetrical):2500 W

@8Ω bridge:6000W

@8Ω bridge:5000W

Maximum unclipped output voltage:180 Vpeak

Maximum output current:>55 A peak

symmetrical:all channels are driven and loaded symmetrically.

Asymmetrical:all channels are driven,but channel 2and 4 -6dB。

▼ Power & Thermal

Power supply: Universal regulated switch mode with PFC, SRM

Nominal voltage (± 10%) : 100-240 VAC @ 50-60Hz

Operating voltage: 90-264 VAC @ 50/60 Hz

AC Mains connector: IEC C20 inlet (20 A max)


Connectivity: Two Gigabit Ethernet ports, integrated switch, Ethercon connectors

Supported topologies: star, Daisy chain

Remote interface: ArmoniaPlus or other preferred software


Dimensions: 483 x 381 x 88.9 mm (19 x 15 x 3.5 inches)

Weight: 10 kg

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