Absolute Phase Checking System
Finding a fault in a large audio system can be a real pain, particularly if it’s to do with phase or polarity. Such problems are difficult to isolate without spending precious time re-plugging and testing.

Often imitated, but never bettered, the LA Audio Phase Checking system's wide band pulse can detect polarity inversions both acoustically and electronically irrespective of distance or time delay, making it easy to isolate cable, speaker or processor faults quickly.

The PC90 is the latest incarnation of this advanced system, capable of measuring phase accuracy in any audio system.The separate emitter and receiver can be placed anywhere throughout an audio system, using either its internal speaker and microphone, or a balanced XLR connection.

As soon as the emitter eeks out its little pulse, the receiver will indicate whether the signal is received in or out of phase.Barely seconds later, when your problem has been solved, the two units couple together, ready to be thrown into your pocket or toolbox.

So, if you need a time saving, hassle free, rock solid and cool looking little audio friend, look no further than PC90.