Headphone Delay

You’re mixing FOH for a gig. That  means the speakers are over there, and you’re over here. Is it any wonder  that your headphones sound confusing?
 We all know that even short distances cause time delays. As a consequence,  listening on headphones when you’re any distance from the stage will leave  you with a confused mess of direct and delayed sound.
 Enter Can-D. It’s simple really; Can-D delays your  headphones so that they match the sound from the speakers. With delay times  of up to 678ms, you can be 226m from the stage and still wallow in the sweet  sound of time-coherent cans.
 And if you like your cans exceptionally loud, you’ll be happy to know that  with Can-D’s substantial headphone amplifier, 9 out of 10 engineers found  full volume to be 'unbearably loud'. *
 Of course, Can-D is rock-solid and tour-proof; its internal PSU and solid  aluminium case ensure it’s ready for anything you can throw at it. Or  anything you can throw it at.
 Loud and clear… sweet. Can-D
 *HEALTH WARNING: Your hearing can  be permanently damaged when exposed to excessive sound levels, especially  when combined with prolonged listening periods. Listen sensibly.