PC control software for DLX200 series processors.


Version v5.81.0 Now Available for download

PodWare gives fast, intuitive control of LA Audio DLX200 Series processors, either individually or in a network of up to 100 devices.
Control every parameter of a DLX200 processor, either by typing in exact values, or by using on-screen curve-dragging to shape system response.

Monitor level and mute status accurately, with high-resolution, ultra-fast metering.

Individual programs or entire banks of settings can be stored on the host PC and recalled as desired.

Networks of up to 100 devices can be built using BVNet. Optional cards installed in DLX200 processors are linked together using standard CAT5E cable. Our proprietary network works much faster than its competitors to provide near real-time response for slick, intuitive control and responsive metering. PodWare’s continuous discovery detects devices added to or removed from the network and adjusts accordingly.

PodWare runs on PCs with Windows. For connection to a single unit, an RS232 port or USB to RS232 adapter is required. To connect to BVNet systems, an LA Audio RS232-BVNet adapter must be used.