DLX200 Series
Digital Louspeaker Manager
 Minimal signal path circuitry and advanced DSP sandwiched between carefully  matched converters make DLX200 series processors the most transparent of  their kind.  Ultra low noise and frequency extension that goes all the  way means that a DLX doesn’t touch your audio until you ask it to.
 Simple and intuitive in use, DLX200 series processors give you optimum  control over your sound. 6-bands fully parametric and 2-band shelving EQ plus  high-pass filter on every output and input allows detailed control for  everything from delicate adjustments to full-on sound sculpting.
 400ms input and 80ms output delay allow for accurate time alignment of even  the largest systems, with delays towers up to 136m from Front of House.
 45 presets with full text names are stored and recalled hassle-free. And  settings are easy to protect from prying hands, without the need for an  easily forgotten password.