15 "two division two unit coaxial stage listening speaker

Touring Series is a coaxial monitoring speaker which adopts acoustic coaxial point sound source technology. The high frequency part and low frequency part are specially designed to form an acoustic coaxial mode to achieve the effect of point sound source; Configured with 90 degree (H) × 60 ° (V) wide horn; The placement angle of the multi-functional box structure (the included angle with the ground is 35 ° and 55 ° optional), and it can meet the needs of short-distance or long-distance stage monitoring; It is also equipped with a special multi-function bottom bracket to meet the application requirements of various occasions.

Product features:

▪ Unique coaxial structure design

▪ 1 x 15 "neodymium magnet bass unit

▪ Ergonomic hand drawing

▪ 50 ° x 70 ° coverage angle

▪ Pole installation and m10hanging point

▪ Built in frequency division design to simplify system application

▪ All weather design, outdoor use

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