18 "suspended inverted ultra low frequency speaker

Vb118 is an inverted linear array ultra low frequency speaker. Designed for flow and fixed installation. Using 18 "neodymium magnetic unit, 4" voice coil, large stroke design, high quality speaker selection, can effectively ensure the sound output, stable performance in high power state. Vb118 provides two versions, fixed installation hanging system and mobile performance hanging system for choice, convenient for various forms of installation and hanging. Bass configuration new airflow phase holes are located in the four corners of the box, very good heat dissipation, reduce distortion, improve efficiency, and no airflow noise. This design reinforces the strength of the box and prevents unnecessary resonance. There are M20 mounting bases on both sides of the vb118 box. It is equipped with four mechanical design pullers, four rubber feet and stackable design to ensure safe stacking without slipping. Two Neutrik nl4mp sockets in parallel in the rear terminal block. Vb118 is the suspension version of vb118t, which is equipped with integrated suspension hardware.

Product features:

▪ Small volume, loud pressure, suitable for a variety of applications

▪ It can be perfectly matched with vila10 for hoisting or floor mounting

▪ 35mm pole socket for satellite speakers

▪ The input connector adopts the original Swiss Neutrik speakon NL4

▪ PDM series power amplifier is fully matched with Dlx digital audio processor, and FIR filter provides flat phase response

▪ Simple and convenient hoisting system

Acoustic characteristics

Type: single 18 "inverted linear array ultra low frequency speaker

Unit composition: lf1:1 × 18 ″ neodymium magnetic (460mm) / 4 ″ (100mm) voice coil

Coverage angle (horizontal / vertical): omnidirectional

Frequency response (+ / - 5dB): 36 Hz - 210 Hz

Sensitivity (1m / 1W): 108db

Output sound pressure level: 128dB / 134dB peak

Nominal impedance: 8 Ω

Power: 800W AES / 3200W peak

Product size (HxWxD): 500x630x710mm (19.68 "x 24.80" x 27.95 ")

Weight: 41kg (90.38lbs)



Connecting plug: 2 x Neutrik ® NL4MP

Plug interface: input: 1 +, 1 -; Links: 2 +, 2-


Cabinet material

Box material: 18mm (0.7 ″) Baltic multi-layer birch plywood

Box spray: Black wear-resistant polyurea spray

Mesh cover material: triangular hexagonal customized hole steel mesh with sound permeable AIRNET mesh

Mesh spraying: Double anti-corrosion coating, galvanized and black polyester powder

Install application

Handle form: left and right two mechanical optimization handle

Lifting hardware: integrated three-point hanging system

Front suspension system: high strength steel quick link structure

Back suspension system: high strength steel quick link structure and stainless steel special bolt

Stacking component: rectangular multifunctional plastic foot pad

Support seat: alloy material φ 35mm standard support

All weather / color version: optional

Optional accessories: suspension bracket vila10-bar-ff, floor cart with protective cover, rain cover, fitting connector

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